Let's do a little coaching exercise right now.

I want you to think of a negative thought you catch yourself thinking. Examples are things like "I am so stupid." "Nothing ever works out for me." "I am always anxious in crowds." or "I will never learn to manage money." The possibilities, unfortunately, are endless. You don't have to choose the most negative thought just pick any one to start with. Write it down. (This is important.) Think about how much stress this thought causes you. Think about what it keeps you from doing in life. How long have you been thinking this thought? Do you know where you got this thought? Write down any insights. Now ask yourself, "What is a more true thought? " or "What is a more positive thought? " Don't just jump to a perfect thought. Just see if you gently can make the thought more true in some way. Write down what comes to your mind. (limit it to 1-3 sentences.) For example, if your negative thought started out as "I will never learn to manage money" you might change it to something like "I am good at managing lots of things and I wonder why I believe I can't manage money. Lots of people learn how to manage money." This is "more true" and "more positive." Pause and see how the new statement makes you feel. Notice any insights. Now do it again. See if you can make this new thought even more true and more positive. Using our example, you might write down something like "Even though money matters seem to scare me I could learn to manage money with the right tools and support. I have choices. " or "It is okay if I am not good with money. I can't be good at everything. I could hire someone to manage my money for me." Another ending might go this way, "I always say I can't manage money but I actually manage it every month and even have managed to save $10,000. I need to stop telling myself that I can't." After you rephrase your negative thought for the third time check in to see how you feel now. How did it change? Why is it different from your initial statement? Go back and read your first statement. Does it sound different to say it now? What has changed? If you still feel triggered by it you might want to come back another time and try the exercise again or continue to rephrase your thought until you feel it shift. OPTIONAL: As a final step you can choose to write an affirmation. An affirmation is really like a goal stated in the positive and in present time as if it already has happened. Using our example, your affirmation might be "Money is an exchange of energy and a resource that helps me accomplish my goals. I easily and effortlessly manage money." The power of creating such a statement and repeating it over time, any time you notice your negative thought come up, is that in time your inner mental state will shift and your energy will be redirected to empower your new thought over the old one and inspire you to make the changes you need to make to turn your affirmation into a reality. NOTE: In my experience, the goals and affirmations people set are very much in the realm of possible reality. No one ever says they want to make a billion dollars, become a super model, or fly to the moon (unless these things already are attainable for them). People tend to set their sights on things within their realm of experience and just beyond it. Trust what your higher intelligence and intuition tells you. It won't lead you down a rabbit hole. It wants you to succeed. One step at a time.

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