PART 1: Reflexology is Good for Your Health

Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive form of complementary medicine or more accurately it is a body-based manipulative general health modality to promote deep rest and relaxation of the mind and body. Reflexology is both an art and a science using specific manual touch, pressure, and relaxation techniques to bring about a physiological and psychological calm and normalization. This may sound like a simple "feel good" spa treatment - and generally it is enjoyable - but it is much more than that.

If you see a person "just resting" in a relaxation pose it might appear as if they are "doing nothing" but in reality there is A LOT going on. As you rest in a conscious and prolonged fashion (and this is not necessarily the same as sleeping - which I can discuss in another blog), your body takes action. For example, when your body knows there is no danger and it realizes you are not in activity mode, it will take advantage of the situation by pulling blood and nutrients from your extremities and bringing them to your inner organs or any areas that need repair. Your body realizes you might live longer if you are resting so it pumps up your immune system, works the digestive system, and slows down the heart. Your mind even might feel free to get creative when it doesn't feel so bogged down with worry. A LOT IS GOING ON!

Isn't this amazing?! Our bodies do all of this without us having to worry about it BUT we need to do our part by giving the body the time and energy it needs to do its work. If your boss at work constantly is demanding more of you it is possible your basic job tasks get overlooked because you are dealing constantly with a crisis rather than tending to the normal work activities. At some point, the lack of attention to your normal tasks will become a crisis itself.

If you expect your body to keep fighting every crisis and demand without sufficient time to recover or tend to its normal tasks you will eventually get sick, injure yourself, be unable to sleep, or have high blood pressure and then you have to work even harder to undo the damage. Even if you do have symptoms, your body is so good at what it does - it often can repair itself but it needs the right support. Regular reflexology sessions are one way literally to "take the load off" and consciously support your body as you engage in restorative and preventative health care for yourself.

I use the term "Inner Fitness" in my business because this idea of taking care of your inner physiology and building inner resiliency is as important as taking care of your outer appearance and physique. You don't expect to go to the gym once a year and be in top physical condition. The truth is you must tend to your dietary and exercise requirements on a regular basis to reap the benefits. There is no quick fix or pill to take to achieve this level of fitness. It takes time, patience, commitment, personal responsibility, and a decision to make it part of your life-style.

The same is true for your internal health.

The more often you consciously relax the more your body re-frames its muscle memory. It will retain or return to the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system response more easily. You may not easily see the pressure on your immune, digestive, nervous, and cardio-vascular systems that your stress is causing BUT with a little education you can understand how this is so and with a little patience and commitment, you can create greater balanced and be empowered in new ways.

Reflexology as a modality is more than just a "feel good" treatment. Human touch and rubbing tired feet can feel good but reflexology is a healing art. Our bodies consist of physical aspects but also mental and energetic ones. Reflexology stimulates and influences the mind, body, and spirit in various ways.

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