Meet Lori 
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Lori Sweet, NCBR, obtained her basic and advanced certifications in Reflexology from the Baltimore School of Reflexology and her National Testing and Certification through the (ARCB) American Reflexology Certification Board.   


Lori is a member as an Associate Practitioner of RAA - The Reflexology Association of America.  Lori also has membership with the Maryland Reflexology Association.  and the Healing Touch Professional Association (HTPA).    She continues to educate herself to best meet the needs of her clients in this growing profession.

Lori was a social worker for almost 30 years working initially in family and child welfare and then in medical and hospital settings for over 15 years.   She has taught stress-reducing classes using mindfulness and "art for healing" practices for over 20 years to both individuals and organizations. 

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I bring you quality services and individualized attention within a safe and healing space where you can rest, reflect, and explore. 

Working in the fields of human and educational services for over twenty-five years has grounded me in experience.  As a social worker, I worked with a wide spectrum of human needs, specializing in family services, human development,  and medical social work.  Additionally, I have always enjoyed teaching and my classes focus on easing stress , creating resiliency, and self discovery through mindful and creative means.  

I love to work in the field of Reflexology but I also promote networking, education, and information to assist clients with learning how to self-regulate and interrupt stress in daily life. 


Foot health is important to me so learning to respect this amazing part of our body, learning how they work, and realizing what we can do to help our feet to be healthy is a large part of my practice.  


In addition to seeing clients one-on-one, I create a newsletter and blog and offer small classes and public workshops.


One of my unique offerings is using art for wellness and relaxation.  Check out the Creative Wellness Page. 

What is this all about? 

Through study and personal experience, I have learned there is a difference between being alive and living and between surviving and thriving.  In our fast paced and quick-fix culture, the ability to engage in mindful awareness and restorative relaxation is a step in the direction of well-being and open-hearted living.   It takes commitment, patience, and desire.   Our ability to navigate changes, adapt and be flexible during transitions, and invoke gratitude and humor in times of stress position us to move in life with greater ease.  


If you are stressed out or struggling in any way it may be time to realize you are more capable, powerful, adaptable, resilient, and amazing than you may think.   When you take care of yourself and empower yourself you can better serve others and make your contribution to the world in positive ways.  But it is "one breath at a time."  No forcing or rushing.  Authentic Joy and Peace always wait at the gate. 

Twenty-some years ago I was a single mom on a single income with a child who had special medical needs (spinal surgeries).  I had first-hand experience of perpetual stress lasting over many years.  I knew the treadmill of parenting, a 9-5 job, and daily life that included surgeries, hospitals, therapists, divorce, financial strain, and the overwhelm that ensues in such situations.  Not to mention a childhood with some challenges that made me question my self-worth.


In addition, the families and individuals I served over many years as a social worker faced numerous obstacles and traumas.  I have worked with the abused, the sick, the lonely, the traumatized, the hopeless.  I know life can be challenging.  I also know how impactful our beliefs and behaviors are in determining our perception of our choices and the path we envision because of those challenges.  I also know how important it is to have human support and to learn coping skills to build resiliency, self-awareness, motivation, and hope. 

Trust your body's wisdom.   I look forward to working with you to that end.  


  - Lori Sweet