Services & Fees

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New Client Session REQUIRED for Reflexology Services  $120   90 minutes 

An intake session for a review of your wellness history, concerns, goals, and questions.   Observation of the condition of the feet also is completed.   Time is allotted to receive a full basic reflexology session. 


Please ask for the treatment option you are interested in upon booking.  Reflexology may be combined with other services.  Please inquire. 

Basic Sweet Relief Reflexology: ​Sixty minutes of traditional Ingham method -foot reflexology for deep restorative relaxation of the mind and body and stimulation of all reflex points on the feet.  Lights are low/music is soft, recline in a chair, and fall asleep if you wish!   Just Relax and enjoy.   $80

Spinal Reflexology: ​Sixty minutes of  reflexology focused on the spinal reflexes (Wayte method) and energy linking techniques for calming the nervous system and promoting well-being.   May be done in the chair or on the table.  Client can offer feedback, relax, or sleep as desired.  $80


Subtle-body/Chakra Balancing Reflexology: ​Sixty minutes of energy work on the traditional reflexes that correspond with body parts/chakras.  This session incorporates holding techniques and methods (Precision, Linking, Tui Na, Metamorphosis) designed to allow the body to guide us and to heal on structural levels.  Session may be done in chair or on table.  Client can offer feedback, relax, or sleep as desired.  $80

NEW: Respiratory and Immune Systems Reflexology Treatment: ​Sixty or Ninety minutes of treatment methods (Manzaneres, Wayte, Touch Point, Chinese Reflexology/Tse) focused on the throat, thymus, lungs, and immune system to keep us healthy in these times.   Session can be done in chair or on table.  Client can  offer feedback or relax during the session.   $85/$115

Structural Reflexology: Ninety minutes of basic structural reflexology (Villeneuve) that addresses foot mechanics, identifies and relaxes tension sites in the feet, supports foot joint mobility, releases muscle and ligament strain in the feet and lower legs and assists with alignment.  Session is done on massage table, client feedback helpful, client must lay on back and stomach for a portion of the session.  $120

NEW:  Reflexology for Hip/Knee/Ankle Support:  ​Sixty minutes of Touch Point techniques for nerves, muscles, and alignment, addressing pain in the lower extremities.  Some traditional reflexology is incorporated with nerve, spinal, and energy linking techniques.  Some assessment tools and client exercises included.  Client must be on the massage table and client feedback is required.  $90

Reflexology for Chronic Foot Pain Session (Karen Ball Technique):  ​Ninety minute session to address foot pain and body alignment.  Requires being on a massage table both face up and face down for portions of the session.  $115


Subtle-Body Energy Session: ​Sixty or Ninety minutes of deep relaxation and healing as techniques such as Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Spinal Touch, Linking, Chakra Balancing, etc are combined as indicated.  The body is held in such a way to invoke your own deep healing mechanisms and restore balance and peace on cellular and energetic levels.  $80/$110

Inner Fitness Coaching: ​Sixty or Ninety minutes of support for clients seeking coaching for stress reduction, relaxation skills, and goal setting.   OPTIONS:  Balance Point for working in systemic life changes, EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping for interrupting stress patterns, Guided Meditation, etc. determined by client needs/goals.  $85/$115

Creative Wellness: ​Sixty to Ninety minutes of healing art activity.  Creating imagery to dialogue with the body and soul offers a direct way of processing stress.  It also acts as a form of visual energy-work that allows the client to gain information, solve problems, and heal.  OPTIONS:  Body mapping, Drawing from the Soul,  Visual Breathing, Chakra Balancing.  $80/$110

NEW The Self-Blessing Ceremony: ​ Seeing our body as the sacred temple it is requires mindful awareness and gratitude.   As we love and care for ourselves we are healthier and happier.  As we let go of negative feedback loops we relax and succeed.  It is important to make a dedicated commitment to ourselves and our bodies.   Reflecting on our current life goals, what we need to release, and what we wish to cultivate in our lives are part of the Self-Blessing. 

Creating a personal Self-Blessing Ceremony is an act of self-care and love.  This is not selfish but rather self-ful for as we heal we actually have more love and energy to offer others.    $325 package includes 2 - 60 minute sessions and one 90 minute session and ceremony.

If you are interested in having Lori mentor you through your own personal  self-blessing or creating a group experience with others, please contact her for a free 20 minute consultation.     Group rates are quoted after consultation. 


NOTICE and DISCLAIMER:  Services offered through Lori Sweet Studio for Inner Fitness are NOT intended to replace proper medical care or treatment.  I am not a doctor and do NOT practice medicine.  Information on this site is for entertainment and informational purposes only.  In-person services may provide complementary health support to any healthy life style or health care plan, however, you should consult a licensed medical professional or mental health professional for all clinical and specific health care needs. If you have any concerns about participating in programs offered here, please consult your medical care professionals. When necessary, if your needs are beyond the scope of this practice you will be referred back to your primary care physician, practitioner, or therapist  or to the appropriate social agency in your area. I am more than happy to collaborate with any health care professional you may be working with to create a personalized care plan that supports your healthcare goals.