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Sessions can be booked for foot reflexology, inner fitness coaching, deep relaxation, or subtle body/energy work or some combination of these services that best serve your needs and goals.  

General FEES

Note: Times stated are for services. 

Plan on an additional 15 minutes for check in /check out. 

$80     6o minutes (one hour)

$95     75 minutes

$110   90 minutes

$125   105 minutes

$140   120 minutes (two hours)

New Client Session REQUIRED for Reflexology Services  $110   90 minutes 

An intake session for a review of your wellness history, concerns, goals, and questions.   Observation of the condition of the feet also is completed.   Time is allotted to receive a full basic reflexology session. 

Basic Sweet Relief Ingham Reflexology  

​Sixty minutes of foot reflexology for deep restorative relaxation of the mind and body and stimulation of all reflex points on the feet.  Lights are low/music is soft.  ​This is a basic session so be sure to request longer session times when booking if you want extra time for conversation, quiet rest time after your session, or pre/post Epsom salts soak. 

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Out of everyone I have seen in the past three years, Lori is the most committed to helping me to find relief as opposed to simply providing certain contracted services.  She has a lot of experience to draw on and is delightful to work with.  I highly recommend her services!  --Sylvia, Harrisburg, Pa


There are studies that show children who learn emotional regulation and develop skills in self mastery (physically, emotionally, and mentally) through mindfulness and self awareness practices are more successful, make better decisions, and are healthier.

Supporting children in the process of learning about their bodies and minds and how to best manage them for their own well-being is priceless.   Gift your child with relaxation time and bring them in for reflexology or coaching.  Coaching can be fun as kids learn about the body, how lungs work, how to quiet their thoughts, and have time to share their own insights and needs.  

Corporate Wellness

Workshops/Mobile Services:  Treat your office staff to relaxation and/or informational sessions to promote productivity and wellness. 


Or You may have a group that enjoys speakers on topics of health and wellness.


Contact Lori for more information.  

Some limits apply.

Group rates and travel fees apply.

NOTICE and DISCLAIMER:  Services offered through Lori Sweet Studio for Inner Fitness are NOT intended to replace proper medical care or treatment.  I am not a doctor and do NOT practice medicine.  Information on this site is for entertainment and informational purposes only.  In-person services may provide complementary health support to any healthy life style or health care plan, however, you should consult a licensed medical professional or mental health professional for all clinical and specific health care needs. If you have any concerns about participating in programs offered here, please consult your medical care professionals. When necessary, if your needs are beyond the scope of this practice you will be referred back to your primary care physician, practitioner, or therapist  or to the appropriate social agency in your area. I am more than happy to collaborate with any health care professional you may be working with to create a personalized care plan that supports your healthcare goals.  

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