What is Inner Fitness ?

Inner Fitness Training offers 

  • a point of accountability, 

  • guidance to explore areas of imbalance in your life

  • support in defining goals and needs

  • time to learn self care techniques and tools

  • assistance to challenge beliefs and concerns that may be holding you back from greater balance and peace in your life. 


A session may include any of the following

  • conversation about your goals and concerns 

  • identifying support networks, life zones, areas of imbalance or resistance

  • creating action steps for wellness

  • learning self-care reflexology/breathing techniques/EFT for relaxation

  • mindfulness techniques: transforming negative thoughts/progressive relaxation

  • visual journaling as a self-reflective tool or help to communicate with the body


Most strategies are tools that you can practice and "take home with you" for sustaining change in your life.  

Ask about 
remote coaching via Skype or phone.

Your inner fitness is as important as your outer fitness and the two are intricately connected to maintain overall health.  In a regular gym, you may have a trainer who makes you do physical exercises, shows you how to use machines properly, coaches you on health, and challenges your beliefs about yourself. The same methodology applies for Inner Fitness training for building inner peace muscles!   

Like a fitness trainer in a gym, a relaxation trainer offers direction and encouragement as you learn about restorative relaxation, coping skills, and mind/body mastery. Like a fitness trainer, a coach can't "do it for you" but can hold you accountable and build your confidence as you make progress.  


The skills an athlete gains from practice over time culminate to peak performances on the field.  Practicing coping skills in a relaxed way prepares you for healthier performance in daily life when distress requires you to call upon your new strategies successfully. 


Like all types of exercise and skill development - it works best with regular practice and a commitment to a lifestyle that will help you sustain the new skills you gain.  

Inner Fitness Coaching is a supportive service that offers additional care for you to get fit from the inside out:  master self-care strategies, develop mindfulness skills, get tips,  and be empowered to maintain greater resiliency and wellbeing.  

Sessions are customized and based on your needs and interests. 



For Inner Fitness Coaching:  If you have an active psychiatric diagnosis or mental health condition that requires professional treatment you should contact your doctor.  I may work with someone in collaboration with a licensed therapist but I do not provide therapy services. I offer supportive coaching services to promote relaxation and teach tools for stress reduction, mind/body dialogue, and personal growth for positive change for the "healthy but stressed" person as part of a generally healthy life-style.  Please seek appropriate medical care for all medical issues.

NOTICE and DISCLAIMER: Finding creative and relaxing tools, mind/body techniques, and developing self-discovery skills can be complementary to any wellness program or health care plan. However, any services offered through Lori Sweet Studio for Inner Fitness are NOT intended to replace proper medical care or treatment. Information on this site is for entertainment and informational purposes only.  Participants should consult a licensed medical professional or mental health professional for all clinical and specific health care needs.

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